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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Observation is Free

Well, I thought I would sing you a song while showing you around the garden and property. I sound better when I sing than when I talk anyway. This video features some of the treasures that we found on the land without having to do anything. They include things the previous owner did, like building the garden and planting blackberry lane. Permaculture is a set of principles thought up and trademarked by two Aussie ecologists in the 1970's: Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. They were hoping to start a revolution in food production...and they have. Through the principles and design strategies of Permaculture, a person can design any size space to produce what they want using minimal human input. It works with Nature and models itself after her using resources, relationships and design elements to maximize every organisms happiness and production within the system.

I encourage everyone interested in organic farming to take a Permaculture course. Not because Permaculture is a revolutionary new idea...but because what these two educators have done is wrapped a world of common sense around farm design and function. Next weeks posts will focus on Permaculture and other similar ideas.

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