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Sunday, February 2, 2014

What is Roundup? MIT Scientist Stephanie Seneff Distills the Truth

What is Roundup?

No matter how many 'no spray zone' signs you post around your house, you cannot be free of this chemical. it literally permeates every part of our lives and is found in most human bodies on the planet today. Roundup is a commercial name for a chemical titled 'glyphosate' which was patented in 1970 by a scientist, John E. Franz, working for the Monsanto corporation. Today, this broad spectrum herbicide may be responsible for the most widespread devastation of general health that we've seen on the planet ever. Whether we're talking about the health of people, the health of animals, health of family farms, insect health, soil health, plant health ect. Roundup has been Monsanto's star product since the early 70's and they've pushed it hard, succeeding in basically adapting our entire international agricultural system to revolve around it. Like all biotech products, it was introduced to farmers and gardeners as a game changer. No hassle weed control, just spray it and watch the magic happen.

Studies out of Purdue University from Professor Don Huber have linked glyphosate to the immobilization of essential nutrients in soil, and consequently a higher rate of disease and fungi infested crops. Well, as an amateur aspiring soil scientista, I thought 'immobilization of nutrients'...of course because it's killing the beneficial fungi and bacteria which mobilize those nutrients. It sterilizes the soil and leaves you with dirt. Ironically, what would farmers do upon realizing that their crops aren't taking up nutrients? They buy fertilizer...from Monsanto. What to do about the attacking fungi? fungicide...also from Monsanto. Everything about this chain reaction ends and begins with Monsanto...and that, my friends, is just good business.

Monsanto's new Genetic Engineering campaign also revolves around their bread and butter product. The first, most marketed, and most used genetically engineered seed is Monsanto's Roundup-Ready seed. These seeds, whether they be canola, corn, wheat, soy or another staple crop, are designed so they will not die upon contact with glyphosate. Instead of being selective and only spraying the edges of the fields, farmers can now spray to their hearts content and these Roundup Ready crops will just soak it in.

From Monsanto's website: "In addition to glyphosate, the formulations typically include water and a surfectant system. The surfectant system enables the products to adhere to surface of the leaves so the active ingredient can penetrate. When the product is applied to green leaves or stems, the active ingredient moves throughout the plant so the entire plant dies." While in this context they are taking pride in their effective delivery system, they are also admitting that Roundup is designed to penetrate deeply into plants. So, most genetically engineered crops are saturated to the core with glyphosate.

There are so many people trying to stay fit and healthy; they count calories and track active miles, they choose fresh meals over processed foods, they juice and take supplements, they demonize fats and sugars and point accusing fingers at foods containing these things as if eating them could shorten their lives. But where is acknowledgement of risk factors associated with repeated exposure to glyphosate? I guarantee that this chemical has taken more lives than butter and sugar, and the interview associated with this post explains why.

The video is a conversation which took place between Dr. Joseph Mercola, a nation-wide renouned osteopathic physician, and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientists at MIT. Seneff takes us on a step-by-step analysis of just how glyphosate interacts with certain essential amino acids in our bodies and then draws clear connections between the deficiencies of these substances and the rise of certain types of illness in society including diabetes, autism, depression, auto-immune disorders, Parkinsons, and cancer. The diseases just mentioned are among today's leading killers, the rise of which happen to coincide with the widespread acceptance of industrial agriculture and glyphosate.

How long before more physicians, scientists, professors, and researchers begin to speak out about the realities of our current agricultural system and it's affects on our health? How long before mothers, students, colleagues, and professionals start drawing parallels between the illnesses they've endured, their children and families have endured, and their exposure to agricultural chemicals? One thing I'm pretty positive about, chronic illness isn't a thing. It's a phrase that we've invented for what is really the repeated abuse of our bodies through constant environmental exposure to toxins, our ingestion of inorganic substances, and our lifestyles which leave little room for physical activity or holistic treatment. Still, 75% of our health care budget goes to treating these illnesses. Treating them, not eliminated the cause of them which would effectively cure the dis-ease.

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Seneff: